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This three-day, intellectually rigorous colloquium offer a deeper look into the core issues at the intersection of truth, liberty, and economics through guided, text-based Socratic discussion. Co-sponsored by Liberty Fund Inc., this graduate-level program seeks to further engage seminarians, clergy, professionals in social justice fields (i.e., para-church workers, social workers, etc.).

The purpose of this colloquium on Evaluating the Idea of Social Justice is to explore the idea of “social justice” and compare and evaluate it against the understanding this concept now evokes in contemporary debates about justice and political order. The all-encompassing claims made on behalf of social justice in these debates often translate into calls for the reduction of personal liberty and a concomitant increase in state power to distribute material goods and the resources of private enterprise in common.

  • This colloquium will consist of 2 lecture sessions and 6 guided Socratic discussion sessions.

  • The guided discussion sessions are text-based and so selected participants are required to prepare appropriately and participate fully in all colloquium sessions.
  • Readings will be provided to all accepted participants.
  • This colloquium is for seminarians, clergy, and professionals in social justice fields (i.e., para-church workers, social workers, etc.).

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61 East 7th Street
Holland, MI 49423
United States


This colloquium begins at 5:00pm on April 19, 2018 and concludes late on April 21, 2018. A full schedule will be provided to accepted participants.

More Information

Accepted participants will receive a conference package that includes single-occupancy lodging, meals, and limited travel assistance. There are no fees to attend; participants must apply to attend.

Download Sample Schedule or Series Fact Sheet. Email Liberty-Markets for more information.

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