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    On this week’s episode, Eric Kohn, Dan Churchwell, and Dan Hugger discuss America’s dueling refugee crises: one on the southern border manifesting in around 14,000 migrants descending on Del Rio, Texas, and the refugees fleeing the Taliban rule in Afghanistan following the American exit from that country. How should we approach these problems as Americans, and as Christians? Crime has been rising in American cities. How should we understand the problem, and how important is it to truly understand the nature of the problem and how it’s different in different places before we attempt to pick and choose policies to solve the problem? And finally, Brookings senior fellow and Washington Post columnist Robert Kagan says our constitutional crisis is already here. When they’re subject both to erosion and attack, how long can our American institutions hold up?

    Welcoming the stranger: The dignity and promise of Afghan refugees | Joseph Sunde

    National Review Special Issue in Crime: Law and Disorder

    The Mistakes We Cannot Make Again | David French

    Our constitutional crisis is already here | Robert Kagan

    Trump's 'Eastman Memo' Proposed an Unconstitutional Power Grab by the Vice President | Damon Root