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    In 2016, Nick Eberstadt’s book “Men Without Work: America's Invisible Crisis” brought to light the grim reality that millions of working-age men were retreating voluntarily from the labor force. Although this trend was widely overlooked for decades, Eberstadt’s searing analysis finally made it impossible to ignore.

    Today, six years and one catastrophic pandemic later, the male exodus from work has not only intensified but has spilled over into new demographics, including women and workers over the age of 55. By most reports, America now has something on the order of 11 million open jobs yet millions of men and women sitting jobless on the sidelines.

    Now, in the newly re-released “Men Without Work: Post-Pandemic Edition,” Eberstadt marshals recently released data to explain how this sad state of affairs came to be, what it means for American society, and what it portends for the country’s economic future.

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