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    This week, Eric Kohn, Dan Hugger, and Dylan Pahman ponder the nexus of age, experience, and leadership. Is it possible to be too old to have a job with as many high-pressure responsibilities as come with being president of the United States? If so, what is the wisest way to implement an age limitation? Should we just leave it up to voters to decide based on the individual candidates available? Then the guys discuss whether changing our language has the ability to change what it is we’re talking about. Does insisting people use words like “Latinx” have any meaningful impact on concepts of gender? Or does it just annoy a lot of people? Finally, Dylan details the argument made in his and Texas Tech University economics professor Alexander Salter’s recent Wall Street Journal essay on lessons from the Bible on money and inflation. 

    Jill Biden’s ‘LatinX IncluXion Luncheon’ FiaXco | Charles Cooke, National Review

    In God—and Sound Money—We Trust | Dylan Pahman & Alexander Salter, Wall Street Journal

    For the Least of These: Against Inflation Economics | Dylan Pahman & Alexander Salter, Public Discourse