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    American conservatism appears to be coming apart at the seams. What, if anything, can bring the various factions together to fight the much greater threat of an illiberal, intolerant left? Perhaps plain common sense. In this episode of Acton Line, George H. Nash sits down with Noah Gould to discuss his article "Conservatism and Its Current Discontents: A Survey and a Modest Proposal" which appeared in the Winter/Spring 2022 issue of Religion & Liberty.

    George H. Nash is a Senior Fellow of the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal. He is author of The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945 and several scholarly volumes about the life of Herbert Hoover. He writes and speaks frequently about the history and current direction of American conservatism. He lives in western Massachusetts.

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    Conservatism and Its Current Discontents: A Survey and a Modest Proposal | Religion & Liberty