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    This week, Eric Kohn, Dan Hugger, and Dylan Pahman discuss China’s decision to relent on their “zero-COVID policies. With an ineffective vaccine and much of the older population unvaccinated, what happens if the current COVID variant rips through the country with a huge death toll? And why did China, which is clearly indifferent to human life, even decide to engage in these policies in the first place? Then the guys examine the release of Trump NFTs, which raised $4.5 million for the former president. Is there any current value to NFTs aside from the value people place on them by buying them? And finally, Eric, Dan, and Dylan make some traditional, and nontraditional, Christmas-movie recommendations.


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    From Zero Covid to No Plan: Behind China’s Pandemic U-Turn | New York Times

    Donald Trump's NFT Trading Cards Sell Out, Raise Over $5M | CNET

    Remember Alf? He’s back! In pog form.


    Christmas Movies

    Dylan: Spirited & Jingle All the Way

    Dan: It’s A Wonderful Life & The Muppet Christmas Carol

    Eric: The Muppet Christmas Carol & Die Hard