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    In this episode, we're bringing you a panel discussion featuring Betsy Devos and Sal Khan that was delivered as part of Acton University Online 2021. The Panel was moderated by Jeff Sandefer, entrepreneur and founder of the Acton School of Business. 

    An educated citizenry is fundamental to securing a free and flourishing society.  Innovation, technology, and entrepreneurial endeavors are transforming education in many ways.  This panel examines common myths about learning and the provision of education, highlights the great entrepreneurial efforts to improve its quality and accessibility, and explores what the future holds in providing an education that secures creative opportunity, growth, and fulfillment for everyone.

    Bio | Sal Khan 

    Bio | Betsy DeVos 

    Bio | Jeff Sandefer 

    America's Public Schools: Crisis and Cure - Chapter 1 

    What’s driving the decline of religion in America? Secular education 

    A silver lining in the Golden State's school shutdowns 

    The Myth of a Value-Free Education 

    The Entrepreneur as Servant 

    The Biblical Case for Entrepreneurship 

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