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On March 18, the Acton Institute was excited to welcome Dr. Anthony Bradley, professor and chair of religious and theological studies at The King's College (NY) and Acton research fellow, to speak as part of Acton’s Lecture Series online. The lecture, “Why Black Lives Matter,” was largely based on Dr. Bradley’s recent book by the same name. During his talk, Dr. Bradley provided a distinctly Christian perspective on what is needed for black communities to thrive from within. Dr. Bradley began by explaining the difference between the Black Lives Matter movement and the Civil Rights movement in the 1950s. “The Black Lives Matter movement has intentionally kept the Black church on the far periphery of their advocacy of Black flourishing,” said Bradley. “I believe this to be a profound error.” Later Dr. Bradley offered what he believes black communities truly need to thrive. 

“We cannot have a thriving black life or community without thriving black families. Mothers and fathers and children together in a community of moral formation.” Dr. Bradley repeatedly addressed the importance of education as an essential avenue to black flourishing. “Education is the preparation for active participation in the marketplace.”

Dr. Bradley concluded his talk on a hopeful note, emphasizing how important it is for black people to be included in the various networks of exchange. “Economic empowerment, through education, through entrepreneurship. These are the sorts of things that allow a dignity, an agency and virtue to thrive.” 

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