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Sirico Parables book

    The newest and greatest improvement on Acton’s website since it launched in 2017 is here: Discover Acton Search Bar. This new feature allows you to search the entire Acton site – not just the PowerBlog – by specific keywords. This includes information from the Journal of Markets and Morality, Religion and Liberty, and even Acton’s bookshop. Looking for a specific Acton topic? No problem. The custom search function allows you to find information by topics you care about. Featured topics include religion, economics, social issues, poverty, education and environment. There is also a host of subtopics if you would like to be even more specific. The new Discover Acton Search Bar even allows you to filter by specific authors. No more scrolling through Acton’s PowerBlog history. Simply search and find. With over 17,000 articles (and counting) published on Acton’s PowerBlog, as well as several thousand more from other Acton outlets, the Discover Acton Search Bar will be a welcome addition for Acton. org users like you.

    We are thankful for the team members here at Acton who have spent the last six months working hard to make Acton’s high-quality content more accessible to our readers. If you haven’t already, we sincerely hope you get the chance to enjoy the redesigned website to find world-class articles and content. Simply go to to filter, search, read, listen and watch to your heart’s content.

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