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Sirico Parables book

    Each year the Acton Institute is pleased to publish numerous books on subjects ranging from economics to theology to business, and this year is no exception.

    In June, two new titles will be available for purchase in Acton’s online book shop.

    Written by the Dutch-born Jesuit priest Martinus Becanus in 1607, On the Duty to Keep Faith with Heretics offers an extraordinary perspective on the early modern debates about toleration and the binding force of agreements between people of different Christian faiths. Drawing on principles of contract law developed by jurists and theologians from the School of Salamanca, Becanus argues in favor of the duty to honor promises beyond confessional boundaries.

    This first English translation of Becanus’s De fide haereticis servanda allows modern scholars to discover a major work of one of the most prominent advocates of a permission concept of tolerance in the early modern period.

    Wisdom’s Work: Essays on Ethics, Vocation and Culture, by J. Daryl Charles, will also be available for purchase in June. In this new essay collection, Charles explores the earthiness of the Christian life through essays on vocation, work, ethics, education and the calling of believers to be salt and light in the world – the real world that we inhabit every day. What does life in Christ have to do with the stuff of our daily lives? Charles shares insights from nearly thirty years of reflecting on these and related questions. 

    All titles can be purchased at

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