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    Acton University 2018 is upon us as more than 1,000 people from 80 countries make their way to Grand Rapids to engage the intellectual foundations of a free and virtuous society. This also means that our alumni network will gain nearly 600 new members.

    As the Acton alumni network continues to increase in number, we have expanded our alumni program offerings around the globe. In 2017, we hosted 17 regional events with nearly 700 attendees around the United States. We plan to increase this number in 2018 through the efforts of our local alumni ambassadors and partnerships with local organizations. In addition to regional alumni network events, we have continued to experience success connecting individuals in our network to job opportunities at like-minded organizations.

    A key resource that has assisted in the growth of our alumni program is the Acton Alumni Association web portal.

    In order to increase the value of the alumni network, we will be adding new functionality and a significant amount of new content to the Acton Alumni Association web portal at the conclusion of Acton University in June. One of the more significant updates to the web portal will be increased functionality of the alumni network geo-locater, which allows Acton alumni to identify fellow alumni located in their geographic area.

    In addition to the above items, the alumni web portal will also provide members with:

    • A job board that allows you to search for career opportunities with partners inside our network;
    • Regular alumni spotlights that highlight the great work that many in our network are accomplishing around the world;
    • Alumni exclusive resources, including webinars, free/reduced cost books, alumni reading groups, and special discounts on Acton media resources.

    If you haven’t had an opportunity to view the Acton Alumni Association web portal, please take some time and visit

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