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    Acton University is already a huge undertaking for all of us at Acton, but this year has even more buzz. On June 20, the first day of our flagship conference, we will officially launch the Acton Institute Alumni Association Web Portal. After months of listening to the needs of our alumni network, we have built a platform that will simplify alumni interactions with us and among one another.

    After attending of conferences, we want to ensure that you are equipped with the resources and connections you need to implement the principles of virtue and free markets in your community, work and personal life.

    Boasting a user-friendly interface, the portal will provide you with a few valuable resources:

    • a job board where you can search for career opportunities with partners from our network;
    • a geo-locater that helps connect you with other Acton alumni located in your local community;
    • regular alumni spotlights that highlight the great work that men and women in our network are accomplishing around the world; and
    • alumni-exclusive resources, including webinars, free/reduced cost books, alumni reading groups and special discounts on Acton media resources.

    For the past year, the nation has been swamped with empty political rhetoric from both sides of the aisle. Fake news has taken the place of honest reporting, and personal insults have largely replaced polite debate. The goal of this new web portal is to provide everyone in our network with the tools to fight the populist climate, but more importantly, to build up local networks that promote economic freedom, personal liberty and virtuous citizens.

    Follow us on social media and online to keep up with the latest information regarding the launch of the Alumni Association Web Portal so you can figure out the best way to use this tool. Please contact our alumni relations department if you have questions about how to get further involved with the Acton Institute.

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