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Sirico Parables book

    Acton’s research department has been especially busy lately. The latest monograph from the Acton imprint is Foundations of a Free & Virtuous Society by Dylan Pahman, with a foreword by Director of Research Samuel Gregg. Pahman, a research fellow at Acton, has written this monograph to make Acton’s mission more accessible.

    Foundations of a Free & Virtuous Society is designed to be an understandable, ecumenical introduction to Acton’s integration of faith and economics, more or less covering the content of the four introductory Acton University lectures and Acton’s ten core principles. The style is popular, the content is intellectual and the total length is roughly 140 pages. This new tool can be used by professors and students, clergy, bloggers, businesspeople and anyone else looking to deepen their knowledge of Acton and its work.

    Gregg addresses the importance of the monograph in his foreword:

    One of the Acton Institute’s concerns, from its beginning, has been to provide people of all confessions across the world with this type of integrated approach to understanding the human condition in light of the fullness of truth that we find in Divine Revelation and reason.

    The monograph is broken into two sections: Christian Anthropology and What if? Pahman addresses what it means to be human and to be a society, and what exactly an economy is. Acton’s core principles are included as an appendix to the monograph. The monograph is now available at and on Amazon.

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