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The Great Works at the Acton Institute Open House

Thursday, November 4, 4pm - 8pm

“Two hundred thirteen years after Hamilton’s death at the hands of Vice-President Aaron Burr, the very mention of Hamilton’s name still sparks ardent debates and disagreements among conservatives. Hamilton appears destined to be as controversial a figure in our time as he was during his own.”

—Excerpted from Samuel Gregg’s article
in Public Discourse

Alex Chafuen
Title: Latinoamérica necesita mejor política monetaria en 80% de sus países
Program: La Tarde—NTN24
Airdate: 01.11.18

Joe Carter
Title: Congress calls for global prison reform
Publication: World Magazine
Date: 01.24.18

Samuel Gregg
Title: Alexander Hamilton: Revolutionary Conservative Lawyer
Publication: Public Discourse
Date: 02.05.18

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