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Michael Maibach is a seasoned professional in global business diplomacy, with successful careers at the president and CEO of the European-American Business Council, after working with Intel and Caterpillar. He is a Fellow in the International Academy of Management. Today he is a Trustee and Managing Director of the James Wilson Institute. While in college, he was elected to the DeKalb (IL) County Board, the first person elected to public office under 21 years of age in U.S. Mr. Maibach earned a BA & MA from Northern Illinois University, a BA from California State University, a BS from American University, an MA from Georgetown University, and an MA from the Institute of World Politics. He did graduate work at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, as well as the Universidad Ibero-Americana/Mexico, and the Institute for International Studies/Japan.

Recent Articles by Michael Maibach

  • The euro: An economic and moral crisis

    The 19-nation eurozone has been in a sustained crisis since the crash of 2008. The less competitive southern European states – Italy, Spain, and Greece – have experienced high unemployment