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Ibrahim Anoba is the editor of AfricanLiberty. org. He is an expert in the African political economy, with a deep interest in African philosophy and history. You can follow his tweets on Africa at @Ibrahim_Anoba.

Recent Articles by Ibrahim B. Anoba

  • 5 ways the West gets African development all wrong

    In the last few weeks, Africa witnessed two major events that could influence the continent’s economic landscape in the coming decades. First was the visit by British Prime Minister Theresa
  • Africa needs trade, not the EU’s weapons

    Western and central Africa, known as the Sahel region, has been the home to a string of human rights abuses and attempted genocide within living memory. It is presently the home to numerous
  • How the EU can help the new Zimbabwe prosper

    The European Union has pledged to assist the new administration in Zimbabwe by reintegrating into the global economy and mending the nation’s strained ties with the international community
  • Free trade and Brexit can help Africa flourish

    In early 2018, all 54 member-states of the African Union (AU) will sign an agreement for a Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) to make Africa the world’s largest common market. The CFTA could