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Opening the Scriptures is neither a new series of technical commentaries, nor is it a collection of sermons. Instead it offers church members a series of popularly accessible primers so that the average churchgoer can easily grasp them. Translated from the popular Dutch series, De Voorzeide Leer, this series includes the following volumes: Genesis, Exodus, Matthew, Psalms I, and Psalms II.

Praise for Opening the Scriptures:

"Opening the Scriptures is popular in the best sense of the term: it offers deep insight from biblical scholarship to the non-specialist reader. It reads the Bible as a whole—both a literary whole (how each book has a unified structure) and as a redemptive-historical whole (how each book fits into and contributes to the one story of Scripture). Opening the Scriptures is a series that draws on the rich redemptive-historical tradition with roots in the Netherlands, and will fill a real need and be of great benefit to the non-educated and educated alike."

Michael Goheen
Jake and Betsy Tuls Chair of Missiology, Calvin Theological Seminary (Grand Rapids, MI)
Professor of Missional Theology, Newbigin House of Studies (San Francisco, CA)

"The publication of Opening the Scriptures is a major publishing event. It is in continuity with the redemptive-historical approach so vital to understanding the continuity between the Old and New Testaments. Its approach is also contextual, as the authors of the commentaries connect the text with the readers. They invite the student of God's Word to enter the ancient textual world and to hear God afresh. The series is written with the people of God in mind rather than the scholars. Pastors will do well to read it, because it will help them engage with God's Word as well as with God's people. I heartily endorse the series."

Willem A. VanGemeren
Professor of Old Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, IL)