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We are currently seeking an Alumni Relations Manager to join our talented Program Outreach team in an exciting and new capacity! The Alumni Relations Manager will maintain close contact with our alumni and influential leaders to further transmit Acton’s mission and resources.

Roles & Responsibilities

As our Alumni Relations Manager you will:

  • Maintain regular contact with alumni, providing them with resources, answering their questions, and staying abreast of their achievements and career standings;
  • Encourage alumni to become involved in future conferences and gatherings held by Acton;
  • Connect interested professors and students with relevant Acton scholars for conferences, seminars, and meetings on campus;
  • Empower alumni to be agents of change in their classrooms and at their churches and businesses.

In addition to alumni, you will also interact with influential leaders who have encountered our work through other channels (e.g., non-Acton conferences), and are interested and qualified to engage our work at a deeper level.  Acton offers a host of conferences, e.g., Acton University, and resources such as the Journal of Markets & Morality, as well as regularly released monographs, that will help these individuals to continue engaging the principles of economic freedom and individual liberty to form active partners in our work.

Qualifications & Skills

The preferred candidate will possess:

  • Understanding and ability to articulate Acton’s mission
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field of study
  • Appreciation of, and commitment to, the Acton Institute’s ideas
  • Previously attended and participated in our conferences, preferably Toward a Free and Virtuous Society (TFAVS), or the Acton & Liberty Fund co-sponsored colloquia
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in a related field
  • Wide range of speaking skills—able to engage with general audiences, leaders, academics, students, and practitioners
  • Successful relationship building skills
  • Demonstrated skills at networking with business leaders, general audiences, academics, graduate students and undergraduates
  • Strong communication, public speaking and media skills
  • Demonstrated administrative skills
  • Strong attention to details and follow through
  • Ability to be proficient with related database platforms to track required metrics & reporting
  • Ability to travel on an as-needed basis


Other skills not required but considered a plus:

  • Ph.D. or equivalent is a plus, preferably in economics, or political economy, or economic history, or political science, or Christian social thought, or theology
  • Foreign language abilities is a plus, preferably Spanish and/or French and/or Italian
  • Demonstrated interest and research agenda focused on political economy and/or free market economics, backed up by academic and popular publications in this area
  • Curriculum building skills
  • Strong interest in Interdisciplinary research
  • Wide range of writing skills—able to write for more popular audiences as well as an academic audience

How to Apply

To be fully considered for this opportunity please send a cover letter to the attention of Human Resources, detailing your interest in the position and the Acton Institute’s mission; your resume; and your salary expectations to [email protected].

Incomplete applicant submissions will not be considered.

While we thank all applicants in advance for their interest in this position, we are only able to contact those to whom we can offer an interview.

This is a full-time position at the Acton Institute located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Interested candidates passionate about a free and virtuous society are encouraged to submit the required application materials to the attention of human resources at [email protected] :

  1. A cover letter explaining your interest in Acton’s mission and this role;
  2. Your resume;
  3. Your salary requirements.



Posted on: September 13, 2021

About the Acton Institute

The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty is a leading international organization headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Acton is a faith based educational non-profit, and our mission is to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles. In the last ten years alone, more than 8,000 people from the worlds of higher education, ministry, business and the social services have attended Acton University and or other educational programs offered by the Acton Institute.