Calihan Travel Grant Application

Submissions for this form are closed.
  • Award Communication: All award decisions are communicated via e-mail. If you do not read your e-mail regularly, please clearly indicate this on your application.
  • Selection Process: Following your online submission, applications are reviewed and recipients selected by the research staff of the Acton Institute. Decisions by the Acton Institute are final and not subject to appeal.
  • Agreement: Recipients must respond to an award communication within one month and adhere to fellowship conditions, which are available on the Calihan Travel Grants page.
  • Application Submission: No faxed or mailed entries will be accepted.
  • Language: The below online application should be in English.
  • Deadline: The Travel Grant selection process is ongoing. Applications must be received at least six weeks prior to the travel date. No application will be considered for funding retroactively.
  • Application Form

All qualified individuals will be considered for the Calihan Travel Grants, without regard to race, sex, national or ethnic origin, citizenship, religious affiliation, or disability. Award decisions by the Acton Institute are final and not subject to appeal.