How Much Progress has Acton made with its Capital Campaign?

In the Winter 2012 issue of Religion & Liberty, I discussed Acton's decision to seek a new downtown headquarters. Our growth over the last few years has been phenomenal. In the FAQ column from 2012, I briefly mentioned our Acton@25 Capital Campaign. This initiative not only secured our move to 98 E. Fulton but allowed us to make the kind of investments that will enhance our current work while continuing to expand. For those of you have been able to visit our new building, you have seen firsthand the potential the technology and space provides in helping us reach new audiences.

Currently, one of the key final phases to our capital campaign is the completion of a fully functional media and recording studio. For us there will be a lot of added media value with the use of live-streaming technology. Some of that was on display during our "Faith, State, and the Economy: Perspectives from the East and West" event which was simulcast live in our Grand Rapids office. There were 239 attendees in Rome and 47 people attended the satellite event at the Acton Building in Grand Rapids. Additionally, the conference was broadcast live online with 834 viewers from 56 countries. The streaming simulcast allowed for viewers in Grand Rapids to interact with lecturers in Rome.

Much of the studio work has already been completed. Our television studio is already fully functional. In the last few months, Acton has made over 20 national and worldwide television appearances. We have a plan in place to grow all of these numbers.

We are also looking into utilizing the roof of our building as additional space for special events. We still have 54 seats in the Mark Murray auditorium that can be permanently reserved by name. This initiative is an important revenue stream for our building and events.

To date the capital campaign has raised $11,601,000 towards our goal of $12,500,000. Thank you to our many supporters that have placed their confidence in Acton as the organization to help promote the free and virtuous society.

Kris Alan Mauren
Executive Director