How has the Acton Institute broadened its outreach on social media websites?

One of the main keys for a successful social media strategy is having timely, professional, and relevant content to share. Almost everyone today is bombarded by content from virtually everywhere. At Acton, we face fierce competition from a wide variety of news and opinion sites vying for the attention of the busy. We want readers of Acton's print and digital content, and video productions, to know that investing their time in our resources is valuable for them and it's beneficial for their intellectual and moral growth.

Acton has a unique and rich message to share with the world and we are working hard at broadening our social media reach every day. We know that our content can help shape and influence a free and virtuous society. We reach popular opinion makers but also the faithful individuals active in their businesses, and in their churches and synagogues.

Acton has made a commitment to invest more resources in the Acton Powerblog, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The blog delivers about 30 percent of total annual web traffic and allows readers to engage with editors and other commenters. Now more staff than ever write for the blog and it has helped increase total web traffic – up about 25 percent in 2012.

Acton has crafted popular video shorts like the piece on the Health & Human Services (HHS) Mandate in order to push back and educate against the threats to religious liberty. We can help direct and shape opinion and offer expert analysis on many economic and religious issues. Below are some important highlights and statistics for 2012:

  • Over 3,000 new followers on Twitter in 2012. Currently growing at over 40 new followers a week.
  • surpassed the one million new visitors mark in December.
  • 398,000 video views on YouTube
  • Over 275,000 Facebook "likes;" average post surpasses 1,600 views.
  • New Book Shop site with more efficient check-out and user friendly search features.

When I travel to conferences and meetings, I receive a lot of compliments and praise for our use of "new media." While there is plenty we can do and invest in to keep us on the cutting edge, I believe a lot of our success is the fact that our content is strong and the Acton ideas are sound. This fact places us in the best position to expand and effectively harness the use of all new media.

Kris Alan Mauren
Executive Director