How does the intern program advance the mission of the Acton Institute?

We have always been fortunate to attract talented and religiously diverse interns at the Acton Institute. The talent we are able to bring in spans the globe and consists of students from some of the best universities and seminaries in the world. It is a privilege to introduce these students and young scholars to Acton's understanding of Christian anthropology and the morality of free-market economics. Interns have been invaluable to assisting our staff and expanding our operations and reach across the world.

Acton interns are vital to launching and operating programs like Acton University. Without their help and contribution, not only would it be difficult to manage this growing event, but also it would subtract from the overall experience for participants. The hospitality interns show and the hours they put in at the conference inspires us and renews our commitment to the work we do.

Many of our interns are able to contribute timely content to the Acton Power- Blog, author weekly commentaries, and publish articles with outside publications while they are here. For example, we have had interns recently publish their work in Crisis Magazine, The Detroit News, The Washington Examiner, and Grand Rapids Press.

Interns help with vital research for PovertyCure, write press releases, and take initiative with a host of translation projects. They have done tremendous work in helping to promote Rev. Robert Sirico's new book Defending the Free Market.

Another project interns are immersed in is the management of the Lester DeKoster library. After his death, DeKoster donated well over 8,000 books and interns are instrumental in helping us to preserve and catalog this collection. I am constantly awed with just how many of our interns are committed to a free and virtuous society and have decided to make it a calling in their own life. Very often, they go on to professional careers in law, politics, the ministry and other fields where they put Acton's "market and morality" synthesis to work in the real world. It is exciting to see educational growth, lifelong friendships formed, and for young people to grow in their own moral formation while at Acton. There is little doubt that all of them can be successful and help to turn the tide against encroachment on our liberties and an over-secularization of the culture.

We would like to thank our donors for their response to our intern appeal letters over the years. So many of you have made it possible for us to care for and further develop young talent and minds.