Student Awards and Scholarships

Many cultures are exhibiting growing distrust and suspicion of economics, profit, limited government, rule of law, and free markets. Given this, there is a significant need to redeem these concepts by relating them to theology, human dignity, and the principles of a free and virtuous society. To encourage such developments, the Acton Institute's scholarship programs support future religious, intellectual, and moral leaders who show potential in advancing understanding of this relationship. The Acton Institute offers two programs:

Calihan Fellowships

Calihan Academic Fellowships: Scholarships and research grants from $500 to $3000 for graduate students and seminarians currently studying themes promoted by the Acton Institute. Learn More...

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Calihan Travel Grants: Travel grants from $500 to $3000 to graduate students and seminarians studying themes promoted by the Acton Institute.

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Novak Award

Novak Award: $10,000 annual award for emerging scholars who demonstrate outstanding intellectual merit in advancing the ideas promoted by Michael Novak and the Acton Institute. Learn more...

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