Novak Award Winners

Past Winners

2015 Dr. Catherine R. Pakaluk
Dependence on God and Man: Toward a Catholic Constitution of Liberty
2014 Dr. Oskari Juurikkala
Virtuous Poverty, Christian Liberty: A Free-Market Appreciation of Pope Francis
2013 Dr. David Deavel
“Second Thoughts on Newman”: Newman, Constitutions, and Markets
2012 Dr. Giovanni Patriarca
Society, Economy, and Culture: Challenges for the West
2011 Dr. Hunter Baker
The End of Secularism
2010 Father Kestutis Kevalas
The Origins and Ends of the Free Economy as Portrayed in the Encyclical Letter Centesimus Annus
2009 Professor Andrew V. Abela
Consumerism, Subsidiarity, and the Market
2008 Professor Carlos Hoevel
A Rosminian Vision for the Post-Crisis Global Economy
2007 Dr. Andrea Schneider
Centesimus Annus: Law, Human Rights, and the Free Society
2006 Dr. Jan Klos
Spiritualizing the World: Secularism as a Religion – Challenges for Faith and Liberty in Europe
2005 Professor David M. VanDrunen
The Importance of the Penultimate: Reformed Social Thought and the Contemporary Critiques of the Liberal Society
2004 Dr. Maximilian B. Torres
Business Ethics and Truth: Rebuilding the Broken Nexus
2003 Professor Jude Chua Soo Meng
What Profits for a Man to Gain: Just [the] Price [of the Soul]
2002 Dr. Michael Casey
The Hope of Salvation and the Sentence of Death: Religion, Despair and Terror in the Modern World
2001 Mr. Arnaud Pellissier-Tanon
The Labour Theory of Value and Social Justice