One and Indivisible? The Relashionship Between Religious and Economic Freedom

Preserving Religious Liberty in an Age of Expanding Government

Throughout Western developed nations, there is dawning recognition that robust protections for religious liberty can no longer be taken for granted. Less understood are the ways in which infringements of other political, civil and commercial forms of freedom can subtly undermine religious liberty: but also vice-versa. Businesses and other institutions of civil society now need to consider how the restrictions of religious freedom by governments throughout the Western world is likely to affect them. What then is the relationship of religious liberty to other expressions of freedom?

On November 10, 2014, the Acton Institute will hold a day-long conference – Preserving Religious Liberty in an Age of Expanding Government – bringing together leading clergy and scholars—theologians, philosophers, economists—to discuss this increasingly important issue, and the manner in which is affecting institutions ranging from business to church organizations.

This conference is the second in the five-part series One and Indivisible? The Relationship Between Religious and Economic Freedom.


Cardinal Robert Sarah
President, Pontifical Council 'Cor Unum'

Professor Russell Hittinger
William K. Warren Chair of Catholic Studies, University of Tulsa

Mr. Michael Novak
Visiting Professor & Trustee, Ave Maria University

Dr. Jay W. Richards
Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute

Event Information

Date: Monday, November 10, 2014

Time:  12pm-5pm (includes lunch) Registration opens at 11am

Location:  Pryzbyla Center Great Room, Catholic University of America

Cost: $15 General; Free for University Faculty and Students

Hosted by Catholic University of America and Sponsored by the School of Business and Economics