Poverty, Entrepreneurship, and Integral Development

In order to discuss and promote enterprise solutions to poverty among present and future Catholic leaders in the developing world and transitioning economies, the Acton Institute is holding a seven-part international conference series – Poverty, Entrepreneurship, and Integral Development.

Addressing the persistence of poverty has always been a perennial concern of the Catholic Church. In his recent social encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, Benedict XVI called for more efforts to address the scandal of poverty in developing countries. However, many Christians throughout the world are confused by the various proposed plans and are unsure of the most effective approach to poverty reduction.

Bringing attention to the value of free enterprise and market-orientated economies – rooted in a proper understanding of the person and a vision of integral human development– in reducing material poverty, this work forms part of Acton’s international outreach to Catholic leadership throughout the world.