Man's Principle Resource is Man Himself: The Person at the Center of the Free Economy

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Man's Principle Resource is Man Himself: The Person at the Center
of the Free Economy

May 18, 2006

The John Paul II
Catholic University of Lublin

Al. Racławickie 14
20-950 Lublin, Poland 

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In the Press

His Grace Archbishop Józef Życiński

Archbishop Józef Życiński is the Archbishop of Lublin and the Grand Chancellor of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1972 and earned his doctorate in theology in 1976 at the Pontifical Faculty Theology in Kraków. He earned a second doctorate in philosophy, at the Academy of Catholic Theology (ATK) in Warsaw. He has held the Chair of Logic and Methodology at Kraków’s Papal Academy of Theology (PAT) since 1980. He founded the journal series “Zagadnienia Filozoficzne w Nauce,” The series appears in English as “Philosophy in Science”. He also founded the series “Philosophy in Science Library,” dedicated to interdisciplinary problems. In November 1990 he became Ordinary of the Diocese of Tarnów and, in June 1997, Metropolitan Archbishop of Lublin. Archbishop Życiński has published in numerous journals and authored several books, the most significant of which are: The Structure of the Metascientific Revolution, Teizm i filozofia analitycza [Theism and Analytical Philosophy], Język i metoda [Language and Method], and The Human Person and Philosophy in the Contemporary World. He has also authored several hundred learned and popular articles.

Professor Tadeusz Styczeń

Fr. Prof. Tadeusz Styczeń is a Salvatorian priest, philosopher, ethicist, former student of Karol Wojtyła, and his successor in the Chair of Ethics at the Catholic University of Lublin. He attended Father Wojtyła’s lectures at the Jagiellonian University in Kracow and later followed him to Lublin. Eventually, he joined his own priestly ministry and scholarly work with those of Karol Wojtyła—John Paul II—in the service of defending the sacredness of human life and safeguarding the dignity of the human person, a being called to freedom in truth. Father Styczeń has been a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life from the time of its creation in 1994. Father Styczeń’s many publications include: Der Streit um den Menschen ( The Problem of Man ) (with Karol Wojtyła); Etyka niezależna? ( Independent Ethics? ), Jedynie prawda wyzwala. Rozmowy o Janie Pawle II ( Only Truth Sets Free: Conversations about John Paul II ), O etyce Karola Wojtyły—uczeń ( A Student on the Ethics of Karol Wojtyła ), Rozum i wiara wobec pytania: Kim jestem? ( Faith, Reason, and the Question: Who Am I? ) In 1982, Father Styczeń founded the Institute of John Paul II in Lublin. Since then, he has served as its director and editor-in-chief of the quarterly Ethos published by the Institute.

Reverend Maciej Zięba, OP.

Rev. Maciej Zięba is the Provincial of the Dominicans of Poland, and one of his country’s foremost interpreters of the thought of John Paul II. He was involved in the Solidarity movement and is the founder of the Center for Political Thought in Krakow and the Tertio Millennio Institute which is dedicated to the study of Catholic social thought. In addition to these duties he lectures at the University of Poznan and is a columnist and contributing editor for Tygodnik Powszechny. He is the author of several books, and his articles have been translated into English in Crisis and First Things .

Reverend Andrzej Szostek

Rev. Andrzej Szostek earned a master's degree in Christian philosophy in 1963 his thesis entitled: “Ethics as an Empirical Science According to T. Cze¿awski and T. Kotarbiński.” The thesis was directed by Karol Cardinal Wojtyła. He earned his doctorate in Christian philosophy in 1978 for a dissertation, “Philosophical Aspects of the Discussion Concerning General Norms in Contemporary Theology,” prepared under the mentorship of the Rev. Docent Dr. Hab. Tadeusz Styczeń. In 1989 he became a habilitated doctor in humanistic studies (philosophy and sociology/ethics) with a monograph entitled “Nature-Reason-Freedom: A Philosophical Analysis of the Notion of Creative Reason in Contemporary Moral Theology.” Fr. Szostek earned all his academic degrees and titles in KUL's Faculty of Philosophy. He became Vice-Rector for Foreign Relations at KUL September 25, 1992. In 1993 he assumed responsibility for the Chair of Particular Ethics at KUL. His scholarly research focuses on ethical considerations. He has published approximately 200 works.