Brazil - 1º Colóquio

CIEEP & Acton

“I would like to congratulate you for this 1st Colloquium. It was a great surprise to me. I was expecting a meeting for intellectuals, but to my surprise the subjects and the debates were around the rescue of human dignity. In every lecture, we could feel that the fundamental point was Christ and there was not only a single lecture, although we were discussing Law, Economics and Politics, that said something different from what is written in the Holy Scriptures”.
Dom Damaso, OSB
Observer – Benedictine Faculty, RJ

“I believe that this 1st Colloquium was very positive because it opened to me new ways of thinking about the subjects that we discussed. This meeting arose some questions that I, as a Catholic, will have to find the answers. What I can assure is that, from now on, I will start researching the subjects debated during this colloquium and I will try to spread these ideas”.
Robson de Oliveira
Seminarian of Niteroi, RJ

“I thought this Colloquium was fundamentally important, especially in the real context of Brazil, since it lacks serious references and the people are not accostumed to gather faith with other aspects of life. I enjoyed the way the lectures were organized and the arguments that were used”.
Adelice Leite Godoy d’Avila
Observer – Vigilancia Democratica, Campinas, SP

“With a very pleasant number of participants and in a very enjoyable environment that helped to develop a serious thinking, the colloquium Towards a Free and Virtuous Society was a very healthy place to debate and promote social maturity, since it was based in anthropological premisses that rescue the real image of man. [...] Iniciatives like this should be promoted. I am very glad with the conclusions we took in these brief, but extremely rich moments that made us to hope for a reality of love and communion in Christ”
Fabiano de Carvalho
Seminarian of Niteroi, RJ

“I enjoyed all the colloquium. It was very well organized, with a well elaborated logistic. The material given was rich and interesting. The lecturers showed themselves experts in their fields of knowledge and were very competent in delivering the message. These moments of study are really important because the search for a free and virtuous society is a real challenge”.
Bruno Guimaraes de Miranda
Seminarian of Niteroi, RJ

“I would like to thank the CIEEP and Acton Institute for the opportunity it is giving to the ‘lay’ society to get in touch with the intelectual richness of Christian faith”.
Leonardo Bogéa
Student of Business Administration, São Luis, MA