The Rise (and Eventual Downfall) of the New Religious Left

Event Date: 
March 13, 2008 - 12:00pm

Dexter Ballroom
24 Ransom Avenue NE
Grand Rapids, MI, 49503


Rev. Sirico looks at a resurgent movement in religious circles to advance big government programs behind a so-called “social justice” agenda. The Religious Left has aligned with Big Labor, pacifist groups and liberal politicians to promote collectivist alternatives to the free market. Can anyone stop them?

Short bio of the speaker

Many know Rev. Sirico in his role as a public intellectual in the pages of prominent newspapers, or on the radio or television, being called upon for statements regarding economics, civil rights, and issues of religious concern. However few know that in addition to his leadership at Acton, Rev. Sirico is a parish priest, with responsibility to St. Mary’s Parish in Kalamazoo, Mich., and also is the founder and leader of new religious order in formation.