Our Next Exigency: How Ought Health Care be Reformed?

Event Date: 
January 15, 2009 - 12:00pm

Dexter Ballroom
24 Ransom Avenue NE,
Grand Rapids, MI


The current United States trend of ever increasing health-care spending, superimposed upon technologic advancement and an aging demographic, is unsustainable. The poor and vulnerable can expect increasing difficulty accessing medical care without significant change in our health-care system. Well-intentioned leaders often advocate for 'comprehensive' or 'universal' reform with more government involvement in health care. Yet this same government has a record found wanting in the defense of vulnerable human life. Over fifty percent of medical spending is already government funded. Market-oriented improvements that respect principles of social justice would contribute to a more ethical allocation of medical resources. These would better serve the common good, rather than the more ostensibly attractive proposals which propagate third-party responsibility for health care.

Short bio of the speaker

Dr. Donald P. Condit, MD, MBA is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hand surgery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After graduating with a BS in Preprofessional studies at the University of Notre Dame he attended the University of Michigan Medical School. At the Seidman School of Business of Grand Valley State University his emphasis of study was economics and the ethical allocation of scarce health care resources. With his family, he serves annually with Helping Hands Medical Missions in El Salvador. He also volunteers at Clinica Santa Maria and for Project Access, for the uninsured, in Kent County. The Acton Institute will be publishing his Christian Social Thought Series monograph on Health Care Reform in 2009. Dr. Condit is a Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at Michigan State University.