The New Explorers

Event Date: 
July 24, 2012 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Cassard Conference Room at the Waters Building
161 Ottawa Ave.
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Lecture Description:

The 21st Century is ripe for a new era of exploration.   Before 1900 being an explorer was a vocation.  That was lost when the sense that all was discovered with the finding of the north and south poles.  Today we have come to a time when it is not possible to manage our way out of problems or to the next opportunity.  We must Explore.   Dwight Gibson Director of Program Outreach for the Acton Institute and Chief Explorer for The Exploration Group will outline the potential for exploration today and why exploration needs to be a part of the toolkit for 21st century leaders.

About the Lecturer:

Dwight Gibson holds the Director of Program Outreach post working to build networks in evangelical seminary and church outreach through a variety of activities; convening and engaging diverse audiences in the Protestant evangelical community.  Dwight works closely with Stephen Grabill, Director of Programs and International and Chris Robertson, Program Outreach Coordinator, to serve as a focal point in this outreach and also manages the public intellectual oversight of the adjunct scholars. Dwight earned a B.A. in Communications from Indiana Wesleyan University and M.A., Broadcasting and Fundraising from Wheaton College Graduate School. Bringing over 20 years of senior level expertise, his career spans the globe of corporate, non-profit and evangelical networks in professional alliances and personal relationships. Dwight transports a proven leadership quality in his engaging work style and similarly looks forward to contributing in this fashion to the Acton team as a whole. Dwight resides in Philadelphia with his wife Jacqueline and together they have three children who currently attend universities in the U.S.