Lessons from Margaret Thatcher

Event Date: 
October 5, 2011 - 12:00pm

Waters Building
161 Ottawa Ave, Suite 301
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


How will history judge the Iron Lady? Dr. John Blundell relates the personal background, rise to power, and achivements of Margaret Thatcher to ten lessons we might apply today.

Short bio of the speaker

John Blundell, author of Margaret Thatcher: A Portrait of the Iron Lady and Waging the War of Ideas serves as Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Institute of Economic Affairs, where he was Director General from 1993-2009. The former president of the Institute for Humane Studies, the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, and the Charles G Koch Foundation, he was also an instrumental supporter and advocate in the founding of the Acton Institute 21 years ago. John’s newest book is Ladies For Liberty – Women Who Made a Difference in American History.