Business As Mission 2.0

Event Date: 
March 21, 2012 - 12:00pm

Cassard Conference Room at the Waters Building
161 Ottawa Ave.
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


In 2004, the global movement of Business as Mission (BAM) was captured in an occasional paper distributed by the Lausanne Forum for World Evangelization. The 10 guiding principles of BAM affirm human dignity and provide a foundation for businesses that seek to honor God in every way. Since the publication of the occasional paper, the BAM movement has grown significantly. 2012 marks the launch of the 2nd Global Think Tank on Business as Mission. This consultative process will reach every corner of the globe, invigorate the movement with case studies and lessons learned, and explore innovative development in sub-fields like BAM and Human Trafficking, BAM-in-a-Box, and BAM that alleviates U.S. poverty.

Short bio of the speaker

Mr. Rodolpho Carrasco has served two decades in urban ministry. He is the U.S. Regional Facilitator for Partners Worldwide, a frequent lecturer for Acton, and an advisory board member of the Christian Community Development Association.