Latest from Christian’s Library Press Explains Biblical Understanding of Social Justice and Equality

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. (July 7, 2014)—Integrated Justice and Equality: Biblical Wisdom for Those Who Do Good Works by John Addison Teevan, Executive Director of the Henry and Frances Weber School at Grace College, is a timely explanation of how Christians should serve the world and think about social justice and equality.

These issues are hotly debated now and many Christians are left wondering how to understand justice and equality through a Biblical lens. In his preface to the new book, Teevan explains that he started this book with a simple question: “What is social justice?” He explains his choice of title and notes that the theme of this book isnot just social justice, not the justice of income inequality, not food justice, but biblically integrated social justice:”

The goal of this book is to encourage the good works of compassion that Christians want to do to make the gospel attractive, while differentiating between good works and social justice. The problem is that when we adopt the term social justice we imagine, often harmlessly, that is equivalent to good work. The term social justice, however, refers to something significantly different, and those who use that term are never referring to good works that make the gospel attractive, even when they quote Old Testament verses on justice.

Christians of all ages, professions, and denominations who are concerned about serving others can learn from this short book; the focus of understanding justice comes not from a theological or eschatological understanding, but rather from an economic, philosophic, and biblical framework.  Integrated Justice and Equality is available in the Acton Book Shop as paperback or on Amazon Kindle.

Professor of Economics at Henderson State University, Victor Claar says:

Too many times I have found myself having difficult conversations with other caring, sharp-minded Christians regarding economic issues, only to realize—with the benefit of hindsight—that we did not share a common conception of what is just. By sharing this book, John Teevan will help Christians everywhere discover a healthy conception of social justice: one that is deeply rooted in Scripture and church tradition.

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