Hidden No More: Exposing Human Trafficking

On March 28 2014 at the Acton Building in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Acton Institute will be hosting Hidden No More: Exposing Human Trafficking in West Michigan, an event that will examine the pervasive problem of human trafficking, how widespread it is in our state (and beyond), and how the West Michigan community can respond to this crime which too often goes unreported. Human trafficking affects our economy, public safety and is an assault on human dignity, cutting across racial, political and religious divides. Our panelists will draw on the Michigan State Attorney General’s 2013 Report on Human Trafficking to stimulate discussion and generate community-based solutions to human trafficking.

On this edition of Radio Free Acton, Acton's Director of Communications John Couretas talks with Elise Hilton, who is organizing the event for Acton. They shed some light on the signs of human trafficking, and discuss ways for all of us to be more aware of this vital issue.

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