The Folly of Universal Health Care

Dr. Jay Richards, Acton Research Fellow and Director of Acton Media, joins host Frank Pastore on KKLA in Los Angeles to discuss the plans of both Democratic Presidential candidates to create universal, government-run health care programs. Richards argues that while the current health care system does have problems, both Clinton and Obama's proposals for "free" health care would actually end up making health care less affordable and less available. When the government makes health care "free," demand for health care services will rise dramatically, causing costs to skyrocket, which will then require that restrictions be placed on access to care, along with higher rates of taxation. Richards also argues that Christians should be concerned about the basic immorality of confiscating the income of "the rich" in order to pay for health care for all. The real solution to our health care problems is to turn to the free market, not to have bureaucrats setting price controls and quotas.

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