Acton On Tap: An Englishman Abroad: Amateur Reflections on the Current Evangelical Political Scene

Dr. Carl Trueman, joins us for Acton on Tap in March to discuss his musings on contemporary evangelicalism and politics. He is the author of numerous books and articles, including most recently The Real Scandal of the Evangelical Mind (Moody), Histories and Fallacies: Problems Faced in the Writing of History (Crossway), and Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative (P&R). In Republocrat, Trueman argues that “conservative Christianity does not require conservative politics or conservative cultural agendas.”

In his review of Trueman’s Republocrat, Acton research fellow Jordan Ballor writes that Trueman’s “project is not about demonizing capitalism, wealth, or profits on the one hand, or political power on the other. It is about putting the pursuit of profit and power in its proper place.

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