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October 2014

Dear Friends,

You are equipping young people with the moral and political courage to advance liberty for generations.

As you read the enclosed report, you will notice a central theme: Acton is uniquely positioned to engage tomorrow’s leaders. As you know, we have built a strong reputation for creating high-quality film curricula like PovertyCure and The Call of the Entrepreneur. Building on this success, we released two new media products this year—Poverty, Inc. and For the Life of the World—which we are confident will be our most popular and broadly consumed products to date. These media initiatives, coupled with record-breaking attendance at our various educational conferences, are helping us to reach more young people than ever before.

We are just beginning to see ways in which these young people will shape the communities where they live. Last year we were excited to learn that a young Argentinian, who had been attending Acton University since 2011, was elected to a position in Buenos Aires’ city government. His work promoting liberty has not been relegated to official government duties; inspired by our PovertyCure films, he wrote an opinion piece earlier this year, “The Aid Model Does Not Serve to Reduce Poverty,” for a major Argentine newspaper.                                                                                                                                

Your support has allowed us to identify, cultivate, and support leaders like this in the United States and around the world. And because of you, we are now leveraging our impact to promote freedom and virtue to more people than ever before. Thank you!

Very truly yours,

Rev. Robert Sirico

Kris Alan Mauren
Executive Director