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March 2014

Dear Friends,

We are truly humbled by the extraordinary opportunities presented to us in 2013.

As an educational organization, our success is ultimately determined by the degree to which we are able to impact minds for the free and virtuous society. At first blush, this would seem an awful time for such aspirations, as the government continues to cast its long, foreboding shadow over our finances, healthcare, and expression. Yet in the midst of trial, we were richly blessed with a multitude of opportunities—some public, some discreet—to reach enormous numbers of people, many of whom are influential in their own right.

Last year’s conferences allowed us to gather, inform, and equip highly leveraged leaders with access to 80 million clergy, businesspeople, scholars, students, and laypeople around the world. Nearly two million individuals followed us on Facebook, sharing our insights and quotes with their own millions of followers. Perhaps most impressive, we were able to reach hundreds of millions through targeted television appearances (e.g., Fox News, BBC World News, CNBC) and publications (e.g., Forbes, the Washington Times, the Washington Post). These numbers represent a level of influence that is truly unusual in the nonprofit world, and one made possible solely through your financial support, well wishes, and thoughtful prayers.

In previous reports you have read about our new facility, whose many amenities are allowing us to extend our outreach as never before. While we are already finding great value in our new headquarters, there remain several needs, including support for a high-tech visual media center, an outdoor event space, and a significant program enhancement fund. With $1.1 million left to fundraise by our 25th anniversary (2015), we kindly and humbly request your help. Please refer to the attached insert to learn more about how you can help us reach this important goal, and leave your mark on Acton in the process.

The Roman philosopher Cicero once noted: “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.” Rest assured that everything we do at Acton stems from a profound appreciation for your heartfelt ongoing support.

Very truly yours,

Rev. Robert Sirico

Kris Alan Mauren
Executive Director