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Spring 2015

Dear Friends,

Last December, we received a letter from a gentleman who had attended our flagship conference, Acton University, in 2014. He wrote:               

I wanted to express my appreciation…for what you have accomplished through the Acton Institute. It has changed my outlook on my ministry as a Christian, my business as a consultant, and even my role as the leader of my family.

I confess I went to Acton University as a disillusioned communist-leaning intellectual desperately wanting to help my poor, inner-city church. I left with a fire to truly help the poor, but most importantly, a framework to actually help them. There are many changed lives in the inner city of Houston because of Acton University.

The letter is a stirring testament to everything we strive to accomplish at Acton. But it is also proof-positive of the success your support has made possible. And this holds true for all of our efforts. We specialize in converting your generosity into experiences and resources that speak powerfully to liberty and virtue. Your support is the starting point, the fount of Acton’s achievement and success.                                                                  

This year we celebrate a major milestone on Acton’s history: 25 years of promoting the free and virtuous society. Some of you have supported us since we opened our doors in April 1990, while others have joined us along the way. You have all played a key role in bringing us to this point, for which we are eternally grateful.                                                                                      

For the past 25 years, you have made Acton successful and you have changed lives. And we hope you will join us for 25 years more.

Very truly yours,

Rev. Robert Sirico

Kris Alan Mauren
Executive Director