Acton Italian Book Presentation: "L'Ipoteca Sociale della Proprietà Intellettuale"

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Acton Italian Book Presentation:
"L'Ipoteca Sociale della Proprietà Intellettuale"

February 4, 2009

Italian Parliament
(Sala della Sagrestia)
Rome, Italy

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The presentation of  David H. Carey’s L’Ipoteca Sociale della Proprietà Intellettuale (The Social Mortgage of Intellectual Property) took place in the Italian Parliament before a special-invitation audience of legislators, academics, entrepreneurs, Church officials and doctoral students. The monograph’s debut presentation in Italy served as the occasion for a lively debate on the theological, philosophical and legal frameworks for defending specific areas of intellectual property rights in international markets. Participants heard authoritative testimony on issues such as the copyright of software and other IT products, trade secrets and piracy in the fashion and music industries, as well as the reasons to defend the pharmaceutical industry’s risky investment in the research and development of life-saving medicines.  Bishop Giampaolo Crepaldi explained the moral-theological teachings of the Catholic Church that sustain the defense of intellectual property rights.  The debate was introduced by The Honorable Benedetto Della Vedova, author of the preface of the Italian edition, and chaired by Dr. Pietro Paganini of Competere, LLC, co-sponsor of the event and the book’s publication.